The wheel of time keeps turning in the 5th generation

In the old days, houses had names. House number 6 had the name Wirth (“Innkeeper”). From 1611 to 1803, it was a tenure of the Klosterbeuren nunnery and housed an inn that was mentioned in official records as early as 1413. Conviviality, shelter and hospitality were therefore already features of this house 600 years ago.

After it was secularized in 1806, the landlord and brewer Franz Haug from Günz became its first private owner. The Zedelmaier family managed the property for 10 years, from 1836 to 1846.

The Laupheimer family lived for generations as tanners in Schöneburg, in the Württemberg town of Laupheim. The founder of the Günz line, Martin Laupheimer, was born in 1860 in Rummeltshausen and died in 1927 in Günz itself. His sons, Josef and Martin, took over the business after the First World War as the “Laupheimer brothers”, followed by Max Laupheimer. Following his early death in 1976, his wife Anni continued the business with her second husband, Josef Merk. In 1993, the Laupheimer sons took over the areas of hospitality, agriculture and the beverage service.