Elegant gastronomy and perfect craftsmanship

This handsome building was built on the foundation walls of an inn founded 600 years ago. The catering business has been a family concern since 1888. Martin and Angela Laupheimer are carrying on this tradition of old-fashioned hospitality, refreshment and conviviality. Both innkeepers through and through, they understand how to combine the highest standards of accommodation and refreshment with human interaction.

A key factor in their success is the high quality and high level of skill involved in the cuisine and service provision. A genuinely passionate caterer and hotelier refuses, on principle, to compromise on ingredients and raw materials. Fish, game and meat are predominantly locally sourced – an important benefit for the guest, and also for the environment. Mr Laupheimer maintains close contact with selected suppliers and carries out constant quality management in all areas of the business.

Laupheimer Team

A genuinely passionate caterer and hotelier

Skilled and motivated employees make for a satisfied customer. Mr Laupheimer is both encouraging and exacting with his team, most of whom have been members of the family business for many years.